Staying at home to raise your kids and loving it!


  Please keep the comments on topic and clean. I will answer questions as I can if you will email them to me.
Thank you for all the nice comments about this site.  It was my first site and really the closest to my heart.  I have some new content to add now and will be doing so as much as I can. I want so much to have those of you who have good “advice” to share with us as that is really what all this is about. We are all Neighbors


This page is dedicated to my Mother.

She taught me how to make my house, a home that was fun to live in! (at least all the neighborhood kids thought so!)

She has gone home to be with the Lord in April 2010 and I miss her so.

In these pages, I hope you will find help where you need it, and if you have skills that you think others would like to learn, please share with us.
Parenting is a skill that is best when shared!

Helping each other always!We invite mothers and fathers of all ages, grandmothers too, to share what has been learned with time and experience.

We invite teens, young wives and new mothers or fathers to glean some knowledge that might help them have a better time of it.  Do you have a story to share that would encourage someone else in the same situation?

This is what this site is all about. Sharing!

Decorating ideas, cooking helps, recipes, budgeting, issues that are important to those that are entrusted with the care of a family, and much more.


I am working on getting the rest of the old content back up here and a lot of new as well.

Please, if you have something to share about raising kids or homemaking comment below, it will be added, but I will just delete comments that are unrelated.

Blessings Everyone!thyword-225x213

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